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Aligning your goals and values

There are big goals, like setting out your entire career direction.  Or smaller ones, like improving working relationships or finding your next job.

Whichever you want to focus on, you are more likely to achieve them if they align to your values.  Values are what's important to us.  They underpin our identity, who we are at work, at home and in life, and its important to define these first. 

Goals that align to our values are exciting!  Goals that are mis-aligned or unrealistic will be difficult and drain our energy.

Defining your strategy

Now that you've chosen your goals, strategies describe how to actually make the changes you want to see happen: what you need to do, who to interact with, the resources you can access and use, timing.

Strategies are about taking action in a thoughtful way, that aligns to your purpose.  A good strategy makes clear HOW you get stuff done, like clearing a clear path through the jungle.

Sometimes strategies and tactics may blur, perhaps it’s helpful to consider strategies as longer-term (months and years) and tactics as more day-to-day.

Meditation by the sea
Image by Khadeeja Yasser

Taking the next step

Clear values, goals and strategies can transform your working life.  But its important to choose the right ones for you. 

This is where coaching can help.  By having a secure, safe space to spend time thinking about you and what you want, we can pinpoint exactly what works - and doesn't work - for you as an individual.  

I can help you to:

  • understand what’s important

  • develop clear goals and

  • take forward successful strategies and make it happen!

 Book a free 20 minute, no obligation Zoom call.  We can discuss what you want to achieve and how I might help you get there.

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