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Don't ask me, ask them!

I ask my coachees for feedback on their experience of being coached by me and this is what they have said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with you as a coach. You quickly understood where I was up to, you helped me reframe my thoughts/worries/issues into practical exercises and next steps to move myself forward. The coaching assisted me to think more broadly about myself as a person as well as focus on what I really wanted for my future career. Thank you so much for your time and energy - it was just what I needed during a period of career and life transitions “


“I found the coaching sessions very enjoyable. They helped me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses. It is always valuable to be able to spend time with a very senior colleague. I would highly recommend Kyn as a coach. Thanks again for the support and time you gave me.”


“My thinking has changed since undertaking these coaching sessions and that is a credit to you.”


“I have enjoyed working with you as a coach and feel that our sessions have added great value to my professional development and current working practices. You have encouraged me to reflect on my current and previous behaviours with a view to shaping my future actions/decisions"


“I’m enjoying the experience of going through the development process with you as my coach. You give me food for thought to reflect on development journey and feel I’m growing as an individual in this process.”



“I enjoyed our sessions together- they gave me an opportunity to think about what I wanted to do to enhance my career and gave me some very useful thoughts about tactical things I should do to actually make it happen.”



Kyn has been a great coach for me in a new role as Head of a department for wellbeing. It was good to explain the situation and my thought processes that were in my head. I particularly was struggling with my team and how to line manage with care and Kyn unpacked this for me. I felt safe and secure in sharing my anxieties and really appreciated the time with Kyn.


“Working with you has been very helpful for my personal development. You have shared insights and material that I’ve been able to use to support myself in the transition to a interim Director role and build my confidence and professional approach”.


Kyn was well-prepared from the get-go, not least in providing me with a clear contract and suggesting some optional pre-reading, which I enjoyed.  He came across as kind, thoughtful and genuinely interested in me, and he was prepared to dive in to support me in real-time when I was going through a final interview for a new role. 


I have had coaches (and also have and had mentors), and this experience really ranks in the top 2 in terms of the impact I think it will have going forward.  Not only did I tremendously look forward to our sessions, but I found that you were really perceptive in key moments – I liked being challenged!


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